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Food Chains

Food Chains

The Food Chains for Competitive Advantage project aims to provide a practical insight into the needs of consumers, and demonstrate how to interpret these findings to foster innovation in a range of SMEs in branding and new product development (NPD) in the cross border area to increase competitiveness.

The project will address management weaknesses previously identified in the Channel Clusters project (

The Food Chains project (Ireland & Wales) will:

• Assist 250 SMEs to address key market opportunities through innovation in new product development (NPD) and branding in the food chain which comprises micro/SME producers, distributors, retailers and consumers

• Conduct research into consumer trends to provide insights

• Carry out research into the barriers to  innovation in NPD and branding in a sample of SMEs

Activities will include:

• Research into consumer insight

• One to one tailored mentoring support

• Overseas trade exhibition and retail tours

• Workshops

• Sharing activities in research/promotion to develop new products and management processes


Project Impacts (Ireland and Wales)

• 250 SMEs will be assisted

• 50 new products/management processes developed

• 250 jobs will be safeguarded in 50 SMEs


Bethan Jones
Project Manager
01691 830189

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