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  1. Dog Tapeworm Breakdown

    C.ovis and C.tenuicollis step by step breakdown A breakdown of the work carried out in our work stream
  2. Genomic technology what's it all about?

    Genomic Technology A brief explanation about Sheep Genomics in relation to our wok stream
  3. Ewe Nutrition update

    Ewe Nutrition update An update on the work within our Ewe Nutrition workstream
  4. Aberbranddu - Initial BCS findings

    Aberbranddu - Initial BCS findings Initial findings from the first data set of ewe body condition scores at Aberbranddu

The TAG (Technology, Agriculture and Greater Efficiencies) project has been running since July 2009. The original aim of the project was to work with 80 sheep producers by introducing new technologies on farm, and evaluating the cost of such technologies and their effect on farm enterprise efficiency. The project has also developed the use of electronic record keeping throughout the food chain and has and will continue to develop the links between the industry and relevant government policy. The original project aims are still applicable under the current delivery objectives.

Since July 2014 the project has secured additional funding to deliver on 4 workstreams within the extended period up to June 2015. The work streams are directly related to the future resiliance of the sheep industry in Wales. The headings of these work streams are:

  • Ewe Nutrition
  • Sheep Genomics
  • Control of the dog tapeworm larvae C.Ovis
  • Ease of data collection
18 December 2014
The Dog tapeworm (C.ovis and C.tenuicollis) work stream which is being delivered by ADAS for the TAG Project is now fully up and running. Positive...
05 December 2014
Ok, so it seems that using Genomic information has the potential to increase animal performance and boost profits, but how realistic is this, when will...
19 November 2014
Work on the current ewe nutrition work stream began at the start of September 2015. As a part of this work stream the body condition...