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  1. Labeling Support

    Labeling Support A dedicated Development Manager will work with individual businesses and support you in looking at the requirements of legislation; brand values, package and label design and bar coding for accessing a wider market.
  2. Cywain Hops

    Cywain Hops Cywain Hops is a first stage feasibility study looking at the viability of growing hops in Wales.
  3. Cywain Bees

    Cywain Bees Cywain Bee will look at ways of increasing the volume of honey produced and processed in Wales
  4. Test Trading

    Test Trading Test Trading offers Welsh food and drink producers the opportunity to explore new markets and trading options with minimal risk.
  5. Cywain Fisheries

    Cywain Fisheries Interested to know how Cywain Fisheries can help you?
  6. Cywain Agriculture

    Cywain Agriculture Read more about how Cywain Agriculture can assist you....

Adding value through collaboration.

Cywain can help develop new products or markets for primary agricultural produce.

Supporting the agricultural sector to add value through:

• Development of new products and markets

• Facilitating collaboration between producers, processors and retailers

• Expert advice, knowledge and mentoring

• Distribution

22 May 2015
A Pembrokeshire dairy processors’ desire to add value to welsh milk has become a reality with the launch of a new brand – Totally Welsh.   Haverfordwest...
07 May 2015
Healthy, local and a little different! Spar leads the way… Not many people know that the Spar chain in the Conwy County area, - Llanrwst, Rhos...
02 April 2015
An enterprising mother and two daughters have launched a brand new food company selling locally grown products that harnesses the healing properties of a rare...